Open Portsmouth shoot

3rd November 2019

Gosfield School, Cut Hedge Park, Halstead Road, Gosfield, Essex CO9 1PF


Dress Regulations – GNAS Rule 307 applies. Archers may be asked to prove affiliation. Non-card archers should obtain a letter from their secretary confirming that an application has been made.


5 Dozen arrows @ 20yards on 60cm Face

Compound archers will have the option to shoot on 60cm triple spot face

(We use straw bosses supported by H frames)


Session A Assembly 8.45am; Start 9.00am
Session B Assembly 12.15pm; Start 12.30pm
Session C Assembly 3.30pm; Start 3.45pm

Closing Date


To be announced


Adults £10 Juniors: £8.00


Entries can be made online below or by post.

Note: Online Entry Form is via your credit card via our Secure Payment Provider, PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this facility.

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