Indoor Archery Rounds

GNAS Imperial Rounds

RoundDistanceDozens Target Size
Bray I20yds2.540cm or triple face
Bray II25yds 2.540cm or triple face

WE Metric Rounds

RoundDistanceDozensTarget Size
WA 1818m540cm or triple face
WA 2525m560cm or triple face
WA Combined25m and 18m5+560cm and 40cm or triple

Special Rounds

Worcester20yd5SpecialScores 5-1, Shot in ends of 5, single spot or five spot
Vegas18m5Special3 spot, shot in order
Andy Harris15yd340cmShot for Andy Harris League

Most rounds allow for 6 sighters, with the exception of the Worcester which only allows 5.

Scoring is 10 zone with the exception of the Worcester which uses 5 zone scoring.

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