Braintree Bowmen 300

Braintree Bowmen 300 Award Scheme was startered to provide members with the motivation to move from beginners through to accomplished archers.

  • The aim is to score 300
  • The scheme is open to all club members at every level
  • There are five levels of badge available each one bearing the club name and coloured to reflect the target face – White through to Gold
  • White badges will provide a level of challenge for those new to archery while Gold badges require more demanding levels of skill

Badges are available to members after they have shot the required score twice in the indoor season and submitted their scores online or given their score pad to the records officer or one of the committee. (You can photograph it and send it via Spond).

Each round must be shot during a different archery session. Also for a round to count it must be completed in a single session.

Due to the nature of the scheme there is no need to requalify each season: once you’ve won the badge it’s yours to keep. Members are welcome to attempt any or all of the colours, in any order, and may hold multiple badges for different bow types.

The aim is to score 300.

Recurve/Compound (Compound to use inner gold as 10 score) 
BadgeTarget DistanceDozen ArrowsFace SizeFace Type
White15 yards460cmPortsmouth
Black20 yards460cmPortsmouth
Blue20 yards3.560cmPortsmouth
Red20 yards3.540cmBray
Gold20 yards340cmBray
Longbow/Barebow/Traditional (Wooden Arrows)
BadgeTarget DistanceDozen ArrowsFace SizeFace Type
White10 yards4.560cmPortsmouth
Black15 yards4.560cm Portsmouth
Blue20 yards4.560cmPortsmouth
Red20 yards460cmPortsmouth
Gold20 yards3.560cmPortsmouth
Barebow (Aluminium Arrows)
BadgeTarget DistanceDozen ArrowsFace SizeFace Type
White10 yards460cmPortsmouth
Black15 yards460cmPortsmouth
Blue20 yards460cmPortsmouth
Red20 yards3.560cmPortsmouth
Gold20 yards360cmPortsmouth

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