Beginners Courses 2020

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation all beginners courses are postponed.

To register your interest once the restriction on social distancing are lifted email

Course Dates (provisional)

July              Sunday 5th & 12th July      1-4pm Outdoors Blake End         Spaces available
September   Saturday 19th & 26th
 1-4pm Outdoors Blake End         Spaces available

All equipment is provided. Each session lasts 3 hours.

The current courses are 6 hours of tuition over two weeks. The aim of the course is to teach each and every beginner how to safely shoot on the line, using the correct basic techniques, and to have some fun learning. 

Session 1

We begin by talking about safety, both of the archer and on the range. We then get you set up with the right equipment, demonstrate what you’re going to be doing and get you shooting as quickly as we can. The main objectives are to:

  • follow range safety and range layout procedures
  • have a correct stance and posture
  • develop the correct techniques for shooting
  • be able to consistently hit the centre of target boss from 10yds.

Session 2

We start by recapping on the previous session and then move the target further away up to a distance of 20 yards. As well as practicing and developing technique we cover scoring and usually finish with a game or small competition. The main objectives are:

  • practice and develop shooting techniques
  • understanding equipment including using a sight
  • be able to consistently hit the target from 20yds
  • understand scoring.

Next steps

At the end of the course you will hopefully be signed off as safe to shoot. Your Coach will cover some of the potential next steps in archery including joining a club, awards and competitions.

After the course is finished, and if you decide to join us, a Coach will make sure there are there for your first club session to help get you set up. We will also assign you a mentor who is an experienced archer who you can call on for help or advice. We are a friendly club and Coaches and members are only too willing to help you develop further and improve as an archer.

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