Face Off Series 2019

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Face Off Series 2019

The Face Off Series 2019 is back.  This is a series of events run over the next 3 months cumulating in a Grand Final at the end of the outdoor season.

Each Face Off stage will have a qualification round of 36 arrows at varying distances dependant on each archer’s handicap, to establish a ranking for the head to head competition. This will enable junior and novices to compete against the more experienced archers.



 Junior Age



70 Metres




60 Metres




50 Metres

Under 18

50 Metres


40 Metres

Under 16

40 Metres


30 Metres 

Under 14

30 Metres


20 Metres

Under 12

20 Metres

The top 4 places in the qualification round will automatically qualify for the quarter finals. The head to head will be based on the best of 5 sets, with each set being 3 arrow ends. The archer with the highest score after each end will be awarded 2 set points, if scores are even then 1 set point will be awarded to each archer.  The first archer to 6 set points will be the match winner.  If after 5 sets the scores are level, then a 1 arrow shoot off, nearest to the X, will win the match.  Each archer in the head to head will compete at the same distance as they shot in the qualifying round.

Stage points will be awarded on final event placings:-

1st  50 points 
2nd  47 points 
3rd & 4th 44 points 
5th-8th  38 points
9th-12th  32 points
13th-20th        16 points         

Only each archer’s best 3 stages events will be counted towards the qualification for the Grand Final, with only the top 8 ranking archers making the Grand Final.

Dates for Events

Stage 1 

Sunday 21st July 2019

Stage 2 

Sunday 11th August 2019 

Stage 3 

Sunday 25th August 2019

Stage 4 

Sunday 8th September 2019 

Grand Final     

Sunday 15th September 2019

If you want to enter there is no cost, but we would like you to complete the form in order for us to organise the targets at distances in advance of the day.

If you are unsure about what distance you should be shooting then please ask Paul Ramos for some guidance. We expect every archer to have shot a standard round to gain a handicap before selecting a distance, we don't want any "ringers" on easy target distances.

But this is a great fun competition which is open to all members whether you have just started or been shooting for years, as the different distances will help level the playing field.

Entry FOrm



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