Tony Phillips

Tony Phillips

How long have you been shooting?

My first contact with Archery was when I was 10 years old. I cut a willow stave and some Willow shoots for arrows. I found they shot straighter with nails in the ends.I rekindled my interest in 1988 whilst on holiday. I was taught by a very attractive blond haired Swedish lady, called Amazon, my wife said this was my motivation. I joined the Haverhill club when we got home and as they were not a registered club I joined Braintree Bowmen in 1989.

What has been your greatest achievement in archery?

What is now G.S.A. club was formed in 1990 and I became Chairman. Most weekends 8-10 of the members would attend competitions. Although I always shot quite well I only ever won one competition, a Hereford at Southend.

What has been your funniest moment in archery?

There have been a number of times/situations which have been funny but I always remember shooting at one competition where a Six-pack was placed at each shooting channel (more if you wanted it).... Some people shot their best scores.In the 1989 Southend Tournament our club won all the medals and Bert Hastings shot a six gold end, that was lucky said one sarcastic shooter, whereupon Bert shot another six gold end.

What do you enjoy about coaching ?

The new approach to Coaching /Helping Archers develop their skills is a welcome step for the sport. The training course that I did was not at the level I would have liked but this together with my experience, has helped me to make Archers that I train to feel more confident and point them in the right direction.

What part of your form do you concentrate on improving?

These last four years I have concentrated on shot preparation and shooting off of my back muscles and resisting being a finger shooter.

What has motivated you the most during your years in archery?

Like all working people who have a high demand placed upon them, I would get home at night and not feel like going to club; my Wife would encourage me to make the effort and any problems I had would be put into perspective as I shot some arrows. It’s amazing how accurate you can become when you have a mental image of your boss on the target. I was very fortunate to have a very understanding and tolerant Wife and the privilege of being a friend of Bert Hastings; who in my opinion is the finest Ambassador for our sport.

What are your targets for 2012?

My ambition for 2012 is to shoot six gold ends on a regular basis.

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