Sydney Strugnell

Sydney Strugnell

When did you start shooting?

I started shooting in April 2014 on the Braintree Bowmen beginner’s course


What got you interested in Archery?

When I was seven I had a go at a fete and really enjoyed it.


What do you enjoy most about archery?

I enjoy archery because everyone is so friendly and willing to help me especially Richard B


You have achieved lots over the last year, what’s your favourite?

I can't believe what I have achieved this year. I don't really have a favourite I'm just very proud of myself for what I have done


What more can archery clubs do to encourage more juniors to take up archery?

I don't know. The beginners courses are really good and encouraging but what else you can do I'm not sure


Who is your favourite archery star and why?

I don't have a favourite archery star. I watch a lot of world archery comps on you tube and watch all the female archers and see if there is anything I can copy to help my archery


What is your ambition?

I would love to compete for England one day or GB


What do you enjoy most about competing?

I was surprised how friendly everyone was when I started competing and this has made competing a really fun and nice day out


What is your funniest archery moment?

I don't have a funniest moment just good moments


What is the best advice you have received?

From my Dad "Enjoy yourself”


What keeps you motivated?

I just really enjoy archery and it gets me away from things I don't like and that's all the motivation I need


What are your targets for 2015?

My targets for the rest of 2015 is to improve my archery and carry on enjoying my archery with my good friends.

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