Imogen Newby

Imogen Newby

When did you start shooting?

October 2012 the year of the London Olympics


What got you interested in Archery?

I went to Brightlingsea Classic Car Show. Phoenix Archers had a Have-A-Go stand there. I tried it and came off with the biggest smile on my face ever!


What do you enjoy most about archery?

I really enjoy going out to different competitions and making new friends.


You have achieved lots over the last year, what’s your favourite?

You have achieved lots over the last year, what’s your favourite?

I now have 4 caps for England, become the U16 Ladies Recurve Metic III Champion, retained my unbeattn run as the Essex Champion, won a gold medal at the AGB Youth Festival and am the U16 Ladies Recurve Champion. I've also been to France with Archery GB to the French Academy on a training trip which was awesome! Been quite a year.


What more can archery clubs do to encourage more juniors to take up archery?

Going into schools and having archery as PE lessons or after school clubs. I'm also helping run the BBJDP so I can pass on my knowledge to the newer archers.


Who is your favourite archery star and why?

Aida Roman. She is not just a great archer but looks pretty when doing it!


You are still currerntly on the Archery Performance Acedemy. You go to Lilleshall once per month. Is the schedule hard work? What do you least enjoy?

Yes, they are asking me to shoot in excess of 750 arrows a week plus the prehab, strength circuit, core programme and a strength session every week. In between this I train with my coach Tony Ferguson. In total I train for about 20h per week.

What is your ambition?

To win an Olympic Gold Medal.


What do you enjoy most about competing?

Making new friends and seeing the other archers that I do not see very often, like Penny Healey from the Academy.


What is your funniest archery moment?

The day Dad bet me money he could beat me and he lost...more than once!


What is the best advice you have received?

Believe in yourself and your own shots. Train hard if you want archery to be more than a hobby.


What keeps you motivated?



What are your targets for 2017?

To win the Indoor Nation Junior Champs and earn the Triple!

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