FITA fun face off - Stage 3

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Still all to play for

FITA fun face off - Stage 3


This weekend was the third of four FITA fun face off competition stages being held this summer. 12 archers were ready to go at 9am in the hope of beating the rain. After 2 ends of sighters we jumped into 3 dozen arrows at distances ranging from 30 to 70 meters depending on handicap. Some good shooting saw 4 archers jump straight into the quarters, and they took cover in the club house as the heads-to-heads started and the wind picked up. 

With tea in hand, archers and supporters watched a sibling battle in which Ben Moir got the upper hand over his brother, only to have to face Dad James in the quarters. Daisy Beech, one of our juniors who only started shooting this season, was one of the few competing for the third time in this series and despite dropping out in this round has done amazingly well shooting at 30 meters and is sitting at 6th in the overall ranking. 

Our remaining quarter finalists were persuaded to stop eating the Chairman’s biscuits and join in the fun and there were some close matches and once the scores were in we were finally down to the semi-finals. Ben had been beaten by his Dad so it was James vs Paul and Rachel vs Mick. The weather had decided to give out completely by this stage so with waterproofs on the remaining archers shook the water off their bows and took to the line. With the incentive of getting out of the rain sooner, Rachel and James conceded their matches leaving Mick and Paul to battle it out. 

With Mick shooting barebow at 40 meters and Paul shooting recurve at 70 meters it was a closely matched shoot with each archer taking 2 ends. Finally Mick weathered the elements and took the final end, making him the winner of Stage 3 and the third different winner this year. 

Well done to all our archers who braved the weather to shoot and everyone who came down to the range to support them. After three stages the overall rankings are: 

1 Paul Ramos 

2 Michael Moore 

3 Richard Burgess

4 James Beech 

5 Ben Moir

6 Daisy Beech 

7= Sydney Strugnell 

7= James Moir 

Hot on their tails are Sam Moir and Adam Whitley so finals day spots are still up for grabs. 

Stage 4 is on Sunday 9th September so whether you’re going for a 4 out of 4 or have yet to join in feel free to sign up and take the opportunity to get some competition experience in a fun environment.

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