Boxted Field Shoot 2018

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Boxted Field Shoot 2018

Write up and results from the Boxted Field Shoot 2018


It’s seven o’clock on a Sunday, the thermometer in the car reads zero, there is a mist hanging in the air and at Boxted woods for Braintree Bowmen’s annual field shoot the smell of breakfast being prepared is in the air as the cooks are already hard at work and the field team are doing the final preparations. The score folders are all laid out and the raffle is all ready - all we need are some merry archers and we can get the shoot underway.

By half eight cars start rolling in and as archers from all over the county and even further afield start to arrive the sun is trying its best to break through the mist and it looks like perfect shooting conditions will soon be upon us. As the archers arrive they start to register and take advantage of the breakfast options available and soon we have them ready and it is time for assembly.

Ten to nine and assembly is held with a welcome from Andrew Brown, the Chairman of Braintree Bowmen, followed by a few rules and an emphasis on the fact this is a fun shoot and then the groups of archers head off to find their respective first targets.

At five past nine the sound of a shot gun being fired twice signals the start of the shoot and the competition is underway with over a hundred archers shooting three dimensional targets through the woods. The sun clears the mist and a warm sunny day is upon us and the cooks are preparing the lunch menu with the anticipation of the hog roast on everyone’s mind.

As the groups of archers move around the course and pass by the cook’s tent there is lots of praise for the course and how challenging it is and everyone is having a good time. Once the hog roast arrives, the archers even managed to find their way back to the tent even though it wasn't en-route to their next target. Stops for food and refreshments are taken throughout the day and with full bellies the archers continue on their way round the course.

Come half three in the afternoon all the scores are tallied up and it is time to award the winners with their medals, each one well earned and awarded with a hand shake from the Chairman.

Finally, time has come to say a big thank you for everyone who has taken part to the catering team the field team and everyone else in-between. The shoot can only be successful for all the efforts made by the club’s volunteers and for that we are very grateful.


A note from the Chairman

So, another fantastic field shoot was held in Boxted Wood not far from our summer shooting ground. 

The field team did very well with 28 targets out, some of them looking as new thanks to Trevor Harvey's efforts for the last few months. 

Although it was a friendly shoot, there was a fair bit of rivalry and mirth between the groups - some fantastic scores came in, and medals were won. It was very good to see new faces entering the competition for the first time and taking home a medal. Lots of smiling faces at the end - we hope you all had a good day! 

I'd like to give a big thanks to all involved - the catering team who did a fantastic job of feeding everyone, all the donators of cakes and raffle prizes - much appreciated - and the field team for their efforts in setting up, marshalling and clearing away. Many thanks to Toby for a day marshalling and then driving back to Gosfield to lock up, and then driving all the way back to help clear up! 

Thank you for coming along, and we hope to see you at our next field shoot which is being planned for September.  

Andrew Brown - Chairman


Results are available to download here 

Photos are online here


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