Awards night 2018

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The first Braintree Bowmen Awards night goes with a bang

Awards night 2018

On Saturday 29th September Braintree Bowmen held their inaugural awards night and it was great to see over 30 members and their partners attending. Previously awards had been handed out at the AGM however we wanted to specifically acknowledge the great things the club and our archers have been doing over the past 12 months. 

Everyone took the opportunity to catch up and look at some photos of the past year over drinks before the food arrived. Once all the pizza had been thoroughly demolished, Chairman Andrew Brown kicked off proceedings with some highlights and a lot of thank you’s for everyone who had helped out with running shoots and other events over the course of the year. The club ran over a dozen events including Open competitions, Field Shoots, the Archery GB Big Weekend and beginners courses and plenty of members got involved to help make them a success. 

The club also wanted to particularly highlight the hard work and successes of some of our Junior members; Imogen Newby, Sam Moir and Ben Moir.

Immy finished 2017 as the Double Junior National 2017 Champion, Double National Junior Indoor Champion, Double Archery GB Cub Champion and Junior National Outdoor Champion! Though she wrapped up 2017 with her most important win at the Braintree Bowmen Christmas shoot. In 2018 Immy became both the Essex Indoor and Outdoor U14 Recurve Champion, then went up to the U16 age group and is now Junior National U16 Ladies Recurve Champion Metric III and took the silver in the Junior National U16 Ladies Imperial Bristol III. At the Archery GB Youth Festival Cadet Immy came 5th in the U17 individual women’s events and won the U17 mixed team event. She also competed with the England Home Nations Junior Team winning Gold and has achieved her first international selection score. What an amazing 12 months! You can find a full list of Immy’s achievements, including her county and national records, on her website https://www.imogennewby.com 

But it’s not just Immy doing the club proud. We also have both Sam and Ben Moir who have both been very active, and successful, in competitions this year.

Rayleigh Town Junior Portsmouth - Sam and Ben were awarded Under 14s Boys Gold and Under 12s Boys Gold respectively as well as a trophy for the Siblings Gold.

Pilgrim Archers Western - in the Short Western category Sam took the Gold medal and Ben the Silver. Sam was also awarded the Junior Boys Trophy for the highest score by any Junior Boy throughout the day.

Essex County Junior Championships - Sam took gold in the Recurve 3 Baldwin Shield for Highest Overall Boy in the Recurve division as well as the Mayflower Shield for Junior Recurve Under 14s Boy in the Bristol 3 & 4 competition.

Junior WA1440 Southern Counties Tournament - Ben pipped his brother to the Gold by 3 points in the Metric 3 competition.

Combined Southern Counties Jnr Champs and the Runwell Rayleigh Open Competition - Sam took silver medals shooting a Bristol II in his first ever shoot in the U16. Ben won gold shooting a Bristol III and also received a trophy in each competition for the highest overall boys recurve score and a gold medal for shooting the best gold on the day. Ben’s score also meant that he was entered into the Essex County Team of 4 where the team were awarded gold and the overall trophy. Finally he picked up the trophy for the highest overall junior recurve score in the Runwell Open.

Both boys also gained their Junior Master Bowman classifications this summer. Asked about both of his sons’ achievements this year James said: “It’s going to cost me a fortune in engraving”.

To top it all off, at the Essex County Junior Championships the 3 Braintree Bowmen Juniors were placed second overall in the team event. Many congratulations to all 3 junior members - Braintree Bowmen are very proud of you!

The club wanted to ensure that archers achievements across the board are recognised so all archers who had achieved a classification this year received a certificate in addition to their badge. Certificates were also handed out for the 12 archers who between them broke 26 club records this year.

Whilst the results of the internal FITA Face Off were widely known, there were medals to be handed out. Well done to everyone who took part, especially the winners of the 4 rounds: Ben Moir, Paul Ramos, Mick Moore & Rachel Sheppard. The top 8 over the series went into finals afternoon and the final results were:

1st – Paul Ramos

2nd – Mick Moore

3rd – Sam Moir

4th – Rachel Sheppard

Joint 5th 
Richard Burgess 
Ben Moir 
James Moir
Adam Whiteley 

And onto the trophies and awards. Andrew handed out the following trophies that the club holds for the best score shot for that particular round at any point during the outdoor season:

Bristol Junior Recurve Jubilee Cup – Imogen Newby

Hereford Gentleman Recurve Jubilee Cup – James Moir

Hereford Ladies Recurve Shield – Joanne Moir

Albion Gentleman Recurve Rose Bowl - James Moir

Albion Ladies Recurve John Swinkles Cup – Jo Moir

Short Windsor Junior Recurve Barry Benge Trophy – Sam Moir

Most Improver Junior ATP Award 
This goes to the junior who we think has come on the most over the last 12 months so for a combination of a great handicap improvement, getting their Junior Master Bowman for the first time, for representing Braintree Bowmen in pretty much every competition in the area and storming the Southern Counties Jnr Champs, this goes to Ben Moir.

Handicap Improvement Medal
This goes to the archer, junior or senior, who has improved their handicap by the greatest amount over the past 12 months. For this year that is Simon Sheppard.

Most Improver Senior
We wanted to recognise senior improvers as well, and expand that beyond just handicap improvement. Our most improved Senior archer only started shooting this time last year and in 12 months has achieved his first class classification and begun entering competitions, including being part of the silver medal winning Braintree Bowmen Havering 45+ Team. Well done to Richard Whiteley.

The Owen Hull Trophy
The Chairman wanted to introduce an award to acknowledge the sometimes unsung hard work that goes on amongst members of the club. For her work organising the coaching team, the beginners courses, the Junior Development Programme, inducting new archers as well as getting involved in organising the Big Weekend and helping in the kitchen at Field Shoots, this went to Emma Broxholme.

Big Bang Award
The final award of the night and a bit of a one off. For his recent loud exploits on the shooting line whilst Coaching, including a complete equipment failure in the middle of a demo and almost scaring the Treasurer to death with a balloon, a broken wooden arrow to Richard Burgess.

And then the entertainment started…

With DJ Ramos in control of both the music and the dance floor, those that stayed a little longer were treated to an impromptu song and dance medley covering, amongst other things, rap (thank you Tammy), Madness, and Michael Jackson. Oops Upside Your Head particularly challenged our remaining archers, mainly in terms of getting up off the floor. The karaoke duet of This Endless Love was one to try to forget but everyone joined in for a traditional end of night kick along to New York, New York. 

And with that the first Braintree Bowmen Awards night was done. Thank you to everyone who came along and we hope you enjoyed it and will come back again next year for more of the same, though with less singing.

Photos are in the gallery.


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