Success on the March Beginners course

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Success on the March Beginners course


This month saw the last of our indoor beginners courses which was fully subscribed with 12 willing potential archers. Afternoon 1 was conducted by our newest in-training level 1 coach, Adam Pedder, who was able to practice his newly learnt skills by demonstrating everything from the warm up and safety briefing to the shooting demo. Everyone was soon up and shooting reasonable group sizes with some even being able to move back to 15m. 


Week 2 continued from where we left off with participants continuing to hone their skills from the previous week's tuition with some progressing back to the 20m line. Scoring was taught and a demonstration of the various types of bows that can be used was watched with interest. A higher number that normal showed an interest in the compound bow which pleased the Chairman, who also doubled up as the tea lady for the two sessions. There was also a short competition with prizes of mini eggs and hob nobs, biscuits being a vital part of archery. All participants passed the beginners course so if you see some new faces around as we move outside for the start of the summer season don’t forget to introduce yourselves and welcome them into the club.


A big thank you to Emma for organising the course and all the coaches who gave up their time to support the club. Also thank you to Perris Archery who were on hand to show everyone what kit was available if they decided to take up the sport. If any members would like to know more about taking up a coaching role then please speak to one of the committee or coaches. 


We now move outdoors for the next beginners course on the 15th & 22nd April. You can find more information and sign up here


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