Coaching Policy 

Pivotal to the ongoing success of the Braintree Bowmen Archery Club is a strong and dedicated coaching team.  The coaches should be motivated seeking to develop the skills of others while maintaining and enhancing their own skill set.

The club provides financial and development support to the existing coaches and will extend this to other member archers wishing to participate in coaching activities.  To support the club’s strategic objectives a strong and dedicated coaching resource is both beneficial and necessary.

The coaching team are all registered GNAS coaches and all hold certificates in Child and Venerable Adult Protection as well as being CRB/DRB registered.  They discharge their duties in accordance with the Sports Coach UK, Code of Practice for Sports Coaches coupled to the values and strictures of the Braintree Bowmen’s; Constitution, Equality & Diversity, Health and Safety policies and the GNAS Rules of Shooting.

Coaching Activities

School Visits – upon request the coaches provide introductory archery sessions to junior and senior schools on a free of charge basis.

Have-a-Go events – upon request the coaches support the club at HaG’s which introduce archery to the wider community and provide a revenue stream to support the club and the event organisers charity.

Beginners Courses – Courses are offered on a regular basis to those interested in taking up archery, a coach to student ratio of 1:4 is the norm for these events.  The coaching team provides these courses to an average of 80 people per year.  All beginners courses are delivered using the GNAS approved course structure and content, with completion certificates awarded at the course conclusion.

Intermediate and Advanced Tuition – the coaching team offer tuition on a free of charge basis to members of the club.  Tuition can take several forms: short, medium and long term goals involving a one off piece of advice, recommendations regarding new equipment, a single session to address a particular issue or a course of sessions to develop an archer’s skill. With the latter option the initial phase of any coaching will involve a structured analysis of: the archer’s current performance, equipment used, physical fitness and aspirations.  From this a development plan can be designed to address key areas for improvement, the plan may include media, be it photos and/or a video recording to enable the archer to see specific weaknesses and better understand the strategies required to correct them.

Please note: Braintree Bowmen Archery Club encourages all its members to achieve the best standard of archery that they can and our commitment to maintaining a strong coaching team is testament to that.  The club does recognise that all its members are individuals and the time and effort each person has available to expend on archery will vary considerably.  Provided an archer understands and fully complies with the Rules of Shooting they will not be coerced into developing their skills or undertaking archery tuition.   First and foremost is to enjoy your archery as a social and challenging recreational pastime.


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